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Getting there...

Ok, so the race might sound a bit tough, but that's before we have even got to the start line. Due to the nature of the challenge, there are quite a few bits of equipment we need before we can race. A boat, for example. Maybe some oars. 

Join us

There are so many ways to help us get to the start line, donating to Acorns is a fantastic place to start. We will also need a helping hand with the expansive kit list though...



Cost: £45,000

Fairly important for the voyage. Ocean rowing boats hold value very well, and this will be sold after the trip, with all proceeds going straight to acorns. 



Cost: £3,000 - £10,000

 The boat needs to get to the start line, and potentially back to the UK depending on the buyer in 2024. 



Cost: £2,000

 As part of the race, there are sea safety courses we are required to attend, for example how to be evacuated in a storm should the boat sink...


Race Fee

Cost: £20,000

The race fee for the organisation of the race, and for the two safety yachts that accompany the fleet during the crossing. The Buoys are paying this out of their paychecks to make sure as much of our fundraising as possible can go to Acorns.




Cost: £5,000

Things like the de salinator for water to be made during the crossing. As with the boat, most of this money will go straight to Acorns once it is sold after the crossing. 

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We are working with companies big and small to make this a reality and raise as much as we can for Acorns. With tailored packages to suit your needs please get in touch to find out how you can help for this great cause!

Contact Us

Thanks for getting in touch!

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